RHC Healer Course cover

RHC Healer Course

Instructor: Bheem Sain Arora

Language: Hindi

Validity Period: 45 days

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Introduction Video and Lesson            21 are free to watch

This is a healer course, in this course you will learn reiki level 1 & 2. After learning this course you will achieve health, wealth and happiness.

The duration of this video course is 21 hours and is divided into 21 lessons and you can watch each lesson according to your convenience

This course is valid for 45 days.

A downloadable workbook on reiki level 1 & 2 will also be provided alongside

Participation certificates will be provided

You will be able to heal up yourself and your loved ones

You will also be able to perform distance(absent) healing when your patient is far away form you

This course is available in hindi language and coming very soon in English

Login is allowed on first 2 registered devices

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